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Re: Anyone _successfully_ rebuilt a Bosch mechanical metering unit

In article <158644@sievers.com>, in mail.Audi_List,Phil Payne wrote:

> Well, I hope you get the kit you need.  The one that Audi sell as the metering 
> head repair kit is basically just a new system pressure regulation valve, a set 
> of shims with which to adjust it, and a few O-rings associated with the valve - 
> part number 035 198 685.

Oh Dear! Sounds like this is what is arriving.So when you got yours rebuilt,where 
did the kit come from? Audi or a non OEM source ?Any way of finding out?

> They sold me one too, despite the fact that the system pressure valve has been 
> stripped out of the MB's metering head and replaced with a separate external 
> component.

Well,it's ordered now,so I'll find out tomorrow,when it's delivered :-(
> I'm still trying to find a UK source for the proper rebuild kit including the 
> diaphragm. 

Presumably BR M/Sport can get them,so there must be a _way_  My drinking partner 
is a Bosch agent,maybe I'll have to ply him with drink tomorrow night... Wish the 
wife had never bought this damned thing now.At least with electronic injection 
one isn't messing with a wear problem in some plumbers nightmare.
Thanks for your help.

    Best Regards,
                 Chris Wilson