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Fuel Tank on old '82 A100.

Hi all,

I think I have tracked town my fuel injection problem to be dirt or rust in
the fuel tank.  I have been told by a guy that used to own an Audi
Dealership that it was no use flushing, as it would reoccur after about
three months.  Apparently something to do with the internal sealant
peeling, and the tank rusting.  -- I'm currently changing Warm-up
Regulators with the Oil Filter, and cleaning them with Carb Cleaner every
few days.

What I need to know is, is this tank the same as fitted to any other model.
 I am finding it very hard to locate a good second hand one.  I was hoping
it was also used on the later 100/200 (5000), and perhaps the 80 (4000).
If it is the same as the later 100, I could perhaps pull one of something
like an 86 to 89 car.

Also, does anybody know if there was a design change to the tank,
preventing this peeling/rusting problem, and if so, from what date.



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