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Re: Where is "Goodwood"?

Ben Baldridge <bbaldrid@ael.com> wrote:

> Goodwood is in Southern England, on the West Sussex/Hampshire border,
> not far from Chichester. You won't find it in Dutchess County, or in 
> New York, either. Goodwood is a large estate, with a famous horse 
> racing track and an aerodrome (as the locals say), as well as a motor 
> racing track. Nice area to visit, too - I recommend Hurdlemaker's pub 
> in East Dean nearby. If you decide to go, stay at the Dukes of Arundel, 
> in Arundel - a nice little hotel, run by some very nice people, Mike 
> and Valerie Moore.

There's a good brew-pub somewhere in the vicinity, called "The Gribble".

Chichester is very "Olde Worlde" as the locals like to say.  They put me
up there when I had business in Bognor Regis several years ago.  Big
hotel several centuries old; the floor in my room was on a 15-degree
incline!  I missed Goodwood.

Dave Weiss
'91 V8 5-spd
'93 90 CS UnQ