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blower motor or controller dead?


The audi gods are paying me back...besides some other minor issues, my
blower motor is on the fritz.  Last season the bearings were sqeaking,
but, I didn't do anything about.  Now when I first start the car up in
the morning, the blower seems to work fine, (no bearing squeaks or
anything) but after I get up past 2000 rpm, it stops blowing completely
and does not work for the rest of the day.  Not on ECON, AUTO, BILEVEL,
DEFROST, HI, LO, NOTHIN'!  I have no problem tearing out the motor and
replacing it (after reading the info in the archives, that is...). 
However, I read in the archives that there is a diagnostic code on the
controller (in the console) that may tell me if my controller is bad. 
Does anybody have any information about this????


Joel R.