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RE: Oversized Intercoolers


> I note, BTW, that Dialynx are now producing a larger aftermarket
> intercooler for the ur-quattro.

Partially correct. Dialynx are producing (via Pace Products here in
sunny Suffolk) a charge cooler kit for the Ur-quattro. The charge cooler
replaces the intercooler altogether.

Basically, the main water rad is replaced with a uprated (higher
capacity) device, and the aux rad is then replaced with a water rad for
the charge cooler circuit. Water is then pumped through this rad, across
the charge cooler matrix, and back. The charge cooler sits where the OEM
intercooler sits.

This set up is (apparently) more efficient at cooling the air since the
OEM intercooler does not get as good an air flow as the aux rad mainly
due to it's physical position. Also the charge cooler set-up produces
less obstruction to the flow from the turbo than the air to air

Dialynx recommend remapping the fuelling to take into account the denser

That's all I know! Oh, and it's not cheap...