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Report from the North..1997 Headwaters div-pro rally

Hi Guys!									I wanted to send this earlier, but I got sidetracked.
Well, 		we went up to Park Rapids Minn. I ran our Audi4000q(86). I 		had
made a new suspension from coil over parts obtained                 form
landrum Spring in Atlanta. 250lbs all round...hmmm!!		should be good! We
started sixth on the road. I picked up 		a navigator from Minneapolis.
His name is Doug Dill and he was great!! The roads were super! hard
packed sand and just a little chopy		in the turns. There were six stages
in all 9.2,10.0 and 13.00		mile stages run twice. We were still in sixth
after the service.		Not to bad considering that the first three cares
were Eclipses		with 260hp. I only have about 150hp. The forth place car
        the truck of Ken Stewart(tube frame, 350 supercharged
chevy         s-10). Fifth was a Dodge Omni with a great driver on
board!!		We pulled out of service only two minutes behind. We
were         really hauling and then it happened!! The stupid shift arm
on           on the trans fell off!! I just could not believe that one!!
I           fixed it on the stage and did not even lose a position!!
We             got to the end of the stage and pulled up onto the
highway for the transit. That's when the timing belt jumped and the
motor died. by the time we got going again we were out. I'm sorry I've
let            my fellow Quattro heads down. We'll get them next
round!!						Mike Burke								Burke
Motorsport                                                        aka.
The Temple of Speed                                         Works Rally