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FW: new power steering belts and questions

There are two bolts on the A/C Compressor. One goes through what is like a hinge
connected to the engine case, the other is used for the adjustment of the belt.
Both on my 86 4KCSQ ( yours is probably identical ) are regular HEX type bolts
and nuts. Can't quite remember the sizes, but I think they are in the 15-17mm
range. Hope this helps! 
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Sent: Thursday, May 22, 1997 6:03 PM 
Subject: new power steering belts and questions 
okay I want to put a new power steering belt onto my 1987 4000csq i have 
some problems though. To take off and put on the power steering belt you 
have to take off the altenator belt and the Ac belt, well the altenator 
is easy, but on the ac belt I cannot find the bolts for it. The one bolt 
is in front and I can remove it, but the bolt on the back side is not so 
easy, it is a hex screw? and it is between 5mm and 6mm?? So is this the 
set screw? how, where do I find a 5.5mm hex wrench?  
thanks for the help, 
Joe rae