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Re: FW: new power steering belts and questions

> There are two bolts on the A/C Compressor. One goes through what is like a hinge
> connected to the engine case, the other is used for the adjustment of the belt.
> Both on my 86 4KCSQ ( yours is probably identical ) are regular HEX type bolts
> and nuts. Can't quite remember the sizes, but I think they are in the 15-17mm
> range. Hope this helps! 

I just this last week on my 84.  There is an adjustment bolt
facing the right side of the car, which is a 13mm, and in my case
was rusted in place and snapped.  I am making do without it for
now.  There are two other bolts, one is a 17mm on the side of the
compressor facing the rear of the car, and on the side facing the front
which I think is also a 17mm.  Clean off the undercarriage with Simple
Green or another degreaser, you'll quickly see what needs to be done.

Guess no one had an a/c connector like mine dangling huh?

| Dan |