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Subject: FW: new power steering belts and questions

There should be a third adjustment bolt on the back of the compressor,
between it and the oil filter. It should be a 6MM hex key (AKA allen).

>Date: Fri, 23 May 1997 18:17:59 GMT
>From: rwoods@triad1.com (Ron Woods)
>Subject: FW: new power steering belts and questions
>There are two bolts on the A/C Compressor. One goes through what is like a
>connected to the engine case, the other is used for the adjustment of the
>Both on my 86 4KCSQ ( yours is probably identical ) are regular HEX type
>and nuts. Can't quite remember the sizes, but I think they are in the
>range. Hope this helps! 
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>Sent: Thursday, May 22, 1997 6:03 PM 
>Subject: new power steering belts and questions 
>okay I want to put a new power steering belt onto my 1987 4000csq i have 
>some problems though. To take off and put on the power steering belt you 
>have to take off the altenator belt and the Ac belt, well the altenator 
>is easy, but on the ac belt I cannot find the bolts for it. The one bolt 
>is in front and I can remove it, but the bolt on the back side is not so 
>easy, it is a hex screw? and it is between 5mm and 6mm?? So is this the 
>set screw? how, where do I find a 5.5mm hex wrench?  
>thanks for the help, 
>Joe rae 
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