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Audi 4 Ring "Throbber" for MS Internet Explorer 3.0 or >

Hi Folks,

     I have created an Audi "throbber" for MS Internet Explorer 3.0 or
higher.  What's a "throbber?"
A throbber is that little picture in the upper right hand corner of your
Explorer that "does stuff" while you wait for your
selected site to load.
     I created the throbber by taking the 0000_Audi BMP off of the AoA
homepage and reducing it to 48x48 pixels.
I then put it in the proper format in MS Paint so that while you're waiting
for Explorer the "Audi four-ring" logo spins
around.  When your Explorer is finished doing it's thing the Audi logo
stops and appears upright.
     I will send the "Audi Throbber" to anyone that wants it in it's
current BMP form and send instructions on how
to install it (easy).  Unfortunately, I do NOT have one for Netscape (yet?)
and also, unfortunately do NOT have the
time to answer individual questions on downloading etc.  It WILL work, it
WILL NOT destroy your computer.

     Have Fun...mail requests to ROYAL@IDX.COM and expect return mail
within 3 working days.

     Please title your letter: Throb me!
     Please do not call Audi and tell them I'm stealing their logo for fun
and profit :-)
     Please do not tell me I need to get a life....I know,

     Thanks much to Bob Davis for giving me the idea and creation

     Have a GREAT Memorial Day Weekend....and Drive Safe...!

     Paul Royal
     "Trading in the Audi for a boat and tackle this weekend....not