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Re: replacing a 1990 CQ's Pressure Accumulator (long)

Mike said:
> > 1.) Don't trust the Audi fiche when it comes to VIN sequence numbers.  If
> possible,
> > get the part number of the old part!
> I wouldn't be so hard on Audi, rather I wouldn't trust Linda at Carlson. On
> three separate occasions, my orders mixed up with them. Each time I had her
> verify the part to my vehicle. The last time she assured me the Bentley
> Manual was wrong.....The manual was not wrong!

Well, in my case, Linda was right, and this was verified by Mike at Carlsen.

He said that he has seen fiche numerical sequences (when identifying a VIN)
off by a great amount.  Evidently Audi creates the fiche with the break-in 
VINs months before the car is built, which is the reason for the disconnect...

So, despite the fiche saying that I have a late 1990 Coupe, my engine parts
appear to agree more with those from the early 1990 series...

-Peter Schulz
1990 Coupe Quattro