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Drove 1.8T man today- dealer messed up

I took a test drive of the 97 1.8T quattro manual today.  I 
showed up and was looking at the car and the sales person asked me if I 
wanted to drive it.  He pulls it out and opens the door for me and asks 
me if I know the area.  "Sure," I reply.  He closes the door and tells 
me to have a good time.  Did I ever.  If any of you are considering 
buying the blue A4 from Newport Audi, reconsider.  The car spent the 
better part of 20 minutes at the redline and it has like 41 miles on it. 
 So much for a break-in period.  What a fun car to drive.  Great torque 
curve.  I have no complaints.

Aaron LaPointe
85 4ksq 300,000+ miles