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re: new A4 question: sport package

Wait and get the 30valver. The 98s should be arriving at dealerships
before too long, and who knows... you might pick one up.

As far as the sport suspension, it depends on what you plan on doing
with the car. If you think you will be satisfied with a sport package,
then get it. If you plan on making an S4-monster, then don't bother. All
the sport suspension bits will be replaced. 

If the 1.8 is offered with the sport package, I will investigate what it
will take to refit my faux-sport package with it.

It would probably do you good to wait and drive each back to back.
Waiting aint gonna kill you! (Although I though I was gonna die!)

Jason Palmer
97 A41.8Tqm w/ fake sport package