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speeding ticket


Best I can offer is that Nolo Press had an excellent paperback book on
fighting tickets. I had a spate of tickets within a 6 month period, and used
this one to win a moral victory.  My mistake in this case was that a deputy
DA showed up prior to trial offering deals to those who would partake.  I
saw his computer listing of me and my ticket while waiting in line to talk
with him, and felt that the total cost to me, $20, was a large and
beneficial mistake.  I took it, but much to my chagrin, my auto insurance
rates were higher for _3_ f__k__g_years_!  I could have beat it, too, if I
hadn't been so smart to try to capitalize on the obvious mistake in the
listing, or maybe that was just a trap. Anyway, over the years I've fought
quite a few and have always "improved" my position compared to simply
forfeiting.  I vaguely remember a radar ticket I got in Ohio, Cincinnati
maybe, that I didn't fight but it was before the enlightened insurance
companies started looking for traffic violations and companies started
making money reporting traffic offenders.  Try the Nolo book if it's in your
area and is applicable.

Good luck.