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Racing and touring cars

I'm sorry, but the CART racing series has the best racing. F1 may have
the best technology, best courses, best drivers, etc., but their races
typically consist of a few perfectionists just chasing one another
around a beautiful and challenging course trying not to make a single,
imperceivable mistake.  Today's Motorola 300 was simply exciting and
entertaining, even peaking at the white flag! Outside of peaking at the
checkered flag, that's about all that I ask for and want from a race. I
am NOT a fan of oval tracks, and that was BY NO MEANS the greatest race
of all time, but when the racing is simply entertaining, I simply watch.
I find F1 is just as exciting at 2 am during the re-run as it is live.
	As for Audi content, I am curious as to why the touring cars don't run
longer races. It seems like every time I catch a race on SpeedVision,
they are short, almost set up in 'heats'. Is this true and is there a
reason? The engines can't last? I have never been able to watch touring
cars before SpeedVision arrived at my house, so I am new, clueless, and

Allan Jones
 '86 Commemorative Design Coupe GT