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I bought the blown quattro!! (turbo here I come!!)


I got it!  I bought (put a deposit down on) the 4ksq I posted about
earlier!  Now I just have to get it home.  I live about 100 miles away
or so.  I need to get a trailer, and a truck.  I plan on getting a
flatbed car hauler thingee, but is there a way to tow it on two wheels? 
I won't unless I know for sure it's safe.  Can I take out an axle or

Any listers in Southern California got a truck to help me?  I'll pay for
gas and food.  Stimulating Audi and Quattro talk guaranteed!

Anyways, I just wanted tell you all how freekin' excited I am!  Plans
are for a 5000 turbo motor.



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