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Re: Drove 1.8T man today- dealer messed up

On Fri, 23 May 1997 18:46:23 -0700, Aaron LaPointe wrote:

>I took a test drive of the 97 1.8T quattro manual today.  I 
>showed up and was looking at the car and the sales person asked me if I 
>wanted to drive it.  He pulls it out and opens the door for me and asks 
>me if I know the area.  "Sure," I reply.  He closes the door and tells 
>me to have a good time.  Did I ever.  If any of you are considering 
>buying the blue A4 from Newport Audi, reconsider.  The car spent the 
>better part of 20 minutes at the redline and it has like 41 miles on it. 
> So much for a break-in period.  What a fun car to drive.  Great torque 
>curve.  I have no complaints.

Since your ride is a 300k mile 85 4ksq, I suppose it was sort
of like getting the keys to the candy store, but if I was your daddy,
I'd whip ya.

Aaron LaPointe
85 4ksq 300,000+ miles