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Re: longer touring races

the plans this year (from alan gow the supremo of the btcc) are to hold a fia
class 2 (2 litre touring car) race at bathurst in oz.  this has happened
because of a sh*t fight between the aussi 5 litre v8 touring car 'boys' allied
with img, and the others lead by the bathurst city council and alan gow. 
through in 2 competing tv companies, and you have all the ingredients for
pavlova dynamite...  bathurst for the 5 litres is now 'off' (meaning it will be
held 2 weeks later than usual), with the 'great race' being for 2 litre class 2
cars only.  the beeb (bbc) is apparently providing 90 minutes highlights for
the european audience...

1,000km in the euro 2 litres from audi, bmw, etc should be great to see on the

'95 rs2
'90 ur-q

>	As for Audi content, I am curious as to why the touring cars don't run
>longer races. It seems like every time I catch a race on SpeedVision,
>they are short, almost set up in 'heats'. Is this true and is there a
>reason? The engines can't last? I have never been able to watch touring
>cars before SpeedVision arrived at my house, so I am new, clueless, and