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Re: a/c fan-don't wait!!!

In a message dated 97-05-23 18:51:10 EDT, you write:

<< as anyone BTDT with a squeeking a/c fan?  the fan on my 5ktq starts
 squeeking after a about a 1/2 hours use.  Can I remove it and lube it and
 expect it to work? >>

Learn from my mistake. I waited a day too long. Whatever you decide to do to
repair it, do it NOW. I waited a few weeks then ordered one from Shokan (this
was years ago, "BQL"-before Q-list). It arrived the day the one in my car
decided to sieze. When it did, the current that it drew melted the wiring
harness, causing all the warning lights to come on and puffs of melting wire
smoke from under the hood. The car was still drivable-got me home, but what
should have been a quick fan replacement-turned into a $600 wire harness
repair. That was about 5 years ago. This past month while having a mechanic
troubleshoot an elusive ABS problem, he found the source of the problem to be
deterioration of the previous harness repairs. This resulted in him needing
to replace the entire harness-and it's a monster, so was the bill!

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