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200Q:HELP...clutch or???

Hi Folks,
   I drove 3.5 hours to visit my family this weekend.    On the voyoage, I noticed a problem.
Under 3/4-full throttle, acceleration is interrupted with an accompanying noise. It sounds like a gravely
high pitched whine and only occurs under heavy throttle application at higher rpms. It also happens when
I apply the clutch but fades as RPMS come down (at clutch application). 
   My first guess is that it is the clutch throw-out bearing, but I'm scared that it might be ping/knock.
Since I haven't ever heard this condition, I can't be sure. I have the TAP chip installed and have read
some stuff on this list about how the TAP chip removes some of the safeties from the engine, which is why
I am concerned that it is engine ping. All the talk has gotten me paranoid. 
   If it is the clutch throwout bearing, why would the engine feel like it is bogging down (hesitating)?
I tried revving up the engine while sitting in the driveway, and all is smooth. The condition only
presents itself while underway. 
   It seems as if the condition is starting to occur at lower RPMS now as well. In lower gears, it occurs
at higher RPMS and seems to occur at lower RPMS inhigher gears. I just spoke with my co-pilot on  my
latest diagnostic run and he noticed that when the condition occurs, RPMS continue to climb but the
car stops accelerating. 
   All of this points to a clutch failure.. but it doesn't sound like any of the clutch failures I've
ever seen. In those cars, the clutch was worn out and the slipping wouldn't be accompanied by any unusual
noise. Hmmmm?
   Writing all of this out makes me more confident that this is a clutch problem. Would any of you who
have had your clutches replaced please share your experience is terms of OEM vs AFtermarket, Labor cost,
and additional work that should be done while "in there"?
   P.S. to all of those who are waiting to hear from me on lodging for the glen.. I'll be writing
sometime middle of this week. And to those who are waiting to coordinate on the Mt. Washington/PP run
I'll be getting to that too. :)
Thanks friends.
-Osman pa(159K miles)
Siena College
Albany NY
89 200q