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universal 3 wire oxygen sensor (fwd)

Best bosch price for 3 wire sensor for 89-200 is about 120-125.00.  German
parts and restoration has a universal one but you need to cut off wire off
old sensor and solder it onto the new one.  Has anyone already done so?
Interesed in any positive or negative reports

Also, 89-200 has intermittent miss. At hight speeds 75-80, comes on out
of the clear blue - does not seem to be outside temp related - and does
not go away unless I turn off the ignition and restart the engine,
either while car is moving or stopped.  My wife has also experienced a 
miss when also pulling out after a cold start.  Again, if she turns
off the ignition and restarts the engine, the miss is gone.
Naturally, this miss only happens to us so that my mechanic would only 
be guessing as to the source of problem.  Since the engine has 75K, I
thought the oxygen sensor would a good place to start, but do not want 
to keep shooting in the dark. Nor do I want to wait until the miss
might strand me on a complete failure.  Has anyone experienced this
type of intermittent problem.  Thank you
	Please respond to George Kotjarapoglus at jkot@pitt.edu