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Squealing '91 200QT 90K miles

Hello, sorry if I am bugging all you Audi nuts out there :)
I was driving my car back home on the highway during some heavy rain.
The car began to make some low rumbling noises, similar to the sound 
made when driving on the ribbed-asphalt warning grooves on some roads.
Shortly later, the car began sqealing loudly...high pitched.  It 
decreased in loudness as I pulled off the highway and stopped to take 
a look at things.  
Other than the noises, the car seemed to function normally...brakes, 
stearing, etc.  

The noise did not return during the rest of the trip.

BTW, I made a post earlier regarding a slight vibration in the 
steering so I suspect there may be a relation here.   I haven't had 
the vibration problem looked at yet.  I'm a college student making $5 
an hour, and I live 2 hours away from the nearest Audi dealer :(  so I 
admit to slacking about having someone knowledgable have a look under 
the hood.  (in case you're wondering how a student has an Audi...it's 
a gift from a family member.  I can't help but think I would have been 
better off with something more closely matched to my income, but I 
can't complain :) :)  :)    )
Would it be wise to have a non-Audi mechanic look at the car? Or 
should I have only Audi mechs look at it?  
TIA christopher