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Re: Fuel pressure for V8Q

In a message dated 97-05-26 06:08:55 EDT, Phil@sievers.com (Phil Payne)

<< > probably not a good idea for a type 44 given that the pump is in the
 > tank so the fuel is highly pressurized as it leaves the tank.  not sure
 > i'd want a coupla hunnert psi in my plastic fuel filter!
 True.  I noted when playing with my new fuel injection pressure gauge
 that system pressure _really_ flies up when the pump cuts in and before
 everything gets under control.  The dial shows a transient peak of about
 17 bar.
  Phil Payne

Interesting.  When my fuel pump on the '90 V8Q started to get noisey, I
decided to replace it and the dealership gave me the new "updated one" a year
(or is it two now?) ago.  Has a special plastic cage carrier, black plastic
housing, and is about a third the size and 1/4 weight of the original typical
in-the -tank audi fuel pump. Similar to an oversize windscreen washer pump.
No complaints (extremely quiet), but does anyone know the fuel pressure
output of this pump?  My guess is that it's significantly lower due to the
V8's EFI system, which is notably different in its fuel pressure needs than

-Ingo Rautenberg
'90 V8Q 171k+
'85 4kq 130k