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universal 3 wire oxygen sensor (fwd)

>Best bosch price for 3 wire sensor for 89-200 is about 120-125.00.  German
>parts and restoration has a universal one but you need to cut off wire off
>old sensor and solder it onto the new one.  Has anyone already done so?
>Interesed in any positive or negative reports

A Bosch 3 wire sensor is a Bosch 3 wire sensor.  The generic can be had for
$75. I'm told.  At $75., there is still plenty of profit for the reseller.
The Audi version simply has a $45. plug on the end of the wires.

I'd be concerned about 2 things.  One is your ability to remove the old one.
On my '91 200q, my expert friend had to heat the old one with a torch to
remove it.  He did the removal and replacement with a special socket that
had a slotted cutout that kept the wires from being damaged.  When splicing
wires, he was careful to make good splices, and pointed out that lots of
voltage that is critical to the running of the engine went through those
wires.  Therefore he used double heat shrink insulation, and made sure it
was secure from vibration.

BTW, mine was replaced with one made for a Volvo.  Gas mileage improved at
least 2mpg.  The hesitation upon acceleration that made me crazy, as well as
the idle surging, disappeared.

Steve Gronback
TGS Studios
Chapel Hill,  NC  USA
91 Audi 200q
Look KG 96 Team Replica