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ur-q suspension rehaul

Jeff,If you have enjoyed the rusted/frozen items up front.You will be 
"absolutely ecstatic" when alignment time arrives and you try to loosen 
the rear tie rod adjusters.Can you say,Blood,Sweat,Tears,Torch,Pipe 
wrench,Crc,Wd-40? My latest urq sat in the grass for 12 months before I 
got it.What a mess.Spent a week on the lift,removed everything that had a 
bolt or screw.Sandblast and prime/paint.Replaced all the mounts and 
bushings.H&R springs,new struts and bearings.It was well worth the effort 
(in retrospect).Car handles really well and no squeeks or groans.Don't 
get discouraged,you will be smiling,soon.