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Dealer Ripoffs!

My 1990 200tq was hit the other day.  Nothing serious, basically someone hit
me in a mall parking lot and drove off without leaving a note.  Must have
known about Audi repair costs.  The damage was 2 small cracks to the rubber
part of the front bumper cover and damage to the right corner chrome trim on
top of it.   I took it to the Audi dealer (I have full coverage insurance
with a $100 deductible), and they quoted me a price of $796.00.  They
basicall told me the only way to repair the black rubber part of the bumper
was to replace the entire bumper cover.  Can this be true or is this another
case of an Audi Dealer f------ you over.  By the way these are the guys who
wanted $1100 dollars to repair 4 door dings and said dentless repair was not
an option.  I had it fixed perfectly with dentless repair for $100.

90 200tq