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substitute hydraulic oil

This posting will probably anger the Audi gods, but here goes--
As a first time Audi owner about 9 years ago(5KT) I couldn't believe the
cost of the hydraulic oil for topping up the central hydraulic system. 
At this point in time, I was helping a brother on a dairy farm, driving
large tractors with central hydraulic systems that ran trannys and
PTO's(power take offs).  Brother Ken would buy this fluid in 5 gallon
   I called a representative from Phillips Petro to see if he could
cross reference this Audi Part No G 002 000.  Lo and behold he gave me
these as compatible fluids:
         Ford spec #M6C34-A--I use this one (~$5.00 a US qt)
         CASE FBS
         Jaguar Hydraulic System Mineral Oil
         Mercedes part # 000 989 91 03-10 (I've also used this one)
         Toyota ATF-Type T 08886-00405

   My hydraulic system components are still all original(125K) and not
rebuilt; sure the rack leaks,especially in the summer months, but it did
before with the pricey stuff.  Maybe Pentosin has gotten cheap enough to
make this point mute. I haven't checked myself as I drive to my local
Ford farm equipment dealer and get the M6C34A.  Call a lubrication
specialist and check this out for yourself if you'd like.
Bob Ringlien
85 5kt
89 200