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High Octane (Was: Knock Control code)

Stefan Bendevis wrote:
> > a 1987 5kcdq.  I read the code and it turned out to be 2141(knock control).
> > Lately I have been using Sunoco Gold (94 Octane) fuel.  Why is this light

Brendan Rudack wrote:
> If you didn't notice Sunoco 94 contains 10% Ethanol...fuels 
> containing Ethanol do not act like a high octane fuel...
> ...Graydon put a tank...ran horribly under boost...

Well, if you cannot use Sunoco 94 to avoid detonation under
high boost conditions, what do you do?

	Texaco/Shell/Mobil 93 Octane?

	Race gas @ $4/gallon

	Persuade an aviation company to allow you to buy avgas?

	Put in octane booster (104+) DOES THIS WORK???