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Re: Front drivers window goes down and not up

Paul Nicholson wrote:
> At 2:45 -0500 5/28/97, Leah and David Mueller wrote:
> >For the second time now, the drivers door window merrily went down and not
> >up.
> I had a lot of problems with this on my 84 4000csq and they were all caused
> by failures of the switch. The switches cost about $90.00 to replace, but
> quite often they can be repaired. Spread the plastic switch housing apart
> where the rocker pivots and remove the rocker. In my experience the
> actuator, which is moved by the rocker, hops out of its guides. Clean the
> contacts, reseat the actuator, and reassemble the switch. When it fails
> again in a year, repeat the process.
> Paul
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I had problems with my window switches on my 1984 Coupe GT and got a fix
from a member off of the list a couple of years ago.

Buy some Contact cleaner from Radio Shack called "Tuner Control", stock
number 64-4315 and spray it into the switches and work it a until the
windows start to move.  This cleans the carbon off and allows the
connnections to work.  I did this about two years ago and haven't had
the problem since with my window switches.  The bottle two years ago ran
about $9.50 and of course I still have most of the bottle left.
Rick H. Louie