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Re: Rebuild

This is definitely a lifed part.Water contamination and dirt are killers,but 
they also plain wear out.The laser cut metering slots,only a few microns 
wide,wear,as does the actual plunger bobbin.The diaphragm wears where it 
contacts the port valves.In fact,rather like a 911,it is a triumph of 
development over design.A dreadful concept honed to acceptability by shear 
cussed hard work.

We now have the wifes old 200 turbo awaiting a new unit from Germany,as my 
repair failed to improve things,(it made things worse <g>),and a customers 5 
Turbo 2 awaiting a metering head.Both cars display appalling on boost 
performance,bad fuel economy,and general poor transient throttle response.

Sometimes only sign of wear is increasing fuel consumption.I would guess 
that after say 80,000 miles their wear will show as inaccurate fuel 
metering.Given a bottomless wallet,i'd change them on any car they are 
fitted to at 100,000 miles.

They performed an admiral job of getting fuel _injection_ established on 
mass produced cars,but in hindsight,given the efficacy of EFI,they are 
really dinosaurs,already.

    Best Regards,
                 Chris Wilson