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Re: Single Wiper Blade Conversion

"Rick H. Louie" <rxlouie@uswest.com> wrote:

>I was looking at a UK magazine this weekend and noticed many cars with
>the single wiper blade conversion.  I was wondering if that will work
>here in the U.S.?  The UK version cars are right hand drive, so I didn't
>know if that was a complication.  Does anyone here in the US sell those
>kits?  I have a '84 Coupe GT, US Spec.

The little kids running souped-up Golf GTIs with black windows here fancy
those, too. They're made by Bonrath in Germany, called something like 'DTM

Advantage: 	-supposed to look cool
		-more aerodynamic

Disadvantage: 	-more 'lifting' at speed
		-has to wipe more often to clean the screen than twin wipers
		-stupid upright wiper in your line of vision all the time
		-need to cover holes left by previous setup (or leave to

Believe me, the speed of a single wiper is radically higher than that of
twin wipers. It can get very irritating at times- I would never consider
buying a car with a single wiper. Driven lots of them, and only the
Mercedes 190 had a mildly satisfactory setup. As for the Fiat Pandas, Unos,
Citroen BXes and other flying dustbins- they show how well you need to
engineer 'trivial' parts like windscreen wipers...

-just MHO


 Tom Nas                                          Zeist, The Netherlands
1988 Audi 80 1.8S, Tizianrot metallic, 210,000km

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