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Dave, the air lock is open . . .

Well, after several months of peace and quiet, good old Hal, the autocheck
computer has a new one for me. (car is 86 5K s)

One peep (means not urgent)

Illuminates as follows: Yellow triangle with circle, brackets either side.

bad ascii art:    (Full circle in middle of brackets)

                                            /      \
                                           |        |
                                            \      /

Light goes out when car is parked, comes back a few moments after first
brake application. (Aha!) However, this symbol is not in the owner's manual
(yes, that's the first place I looked), all fluid levels are correct,
everything works, no funny noises, no bad smells, no smoke - just the air
lock is open.

Is this telling me the brake pads are shot? Or is Hal just trying to bug me
(as in "maybe it's the gauge" right.)

What does this symbol refer to?

Best Regards,

Mike Arman