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Re: '93 90S upgrades

>     I have had my '93 90S for about 3 months now and would like to start 
>     looking into some performance upgrades for it. I don't want to go 
>     overboard, maybe a chip upgrade and some new wheels and tires.
>     Any suggestions?
>     Thanks 
>     Matt Daniels

Well I've got a 93 90CS and though I haven't had actually done any
upgrades on it yet I've thought quite a bit about it.  The first thing I
wanted to do was get the Schaumberg throttle body/K&N kit, which costs
about $350.  They don't claim any HP gains from the throttle body
(though they do claim better torque) the K&N claim is +8HP (I think). 
Also TAP makes a chip that they claim adds 22HP; the two of those put
you pretty close to 200HP.  The TAP chip costs $195.

I do plan to someday go overboard and try to cram the 30v heads on the