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my response to the audi hater

give me a couple reasons why you hate Audis.  Have you ever been in an 
Audi? How about ever seen one beat a bimmer in the BTCC, the ETC, or 
rally racing? hmm...did you know that the first mid engined race car 
carried the Audi logo?  Or how about that the first all wheel drive 
system used in the 911 Carreras was designed by Audi.  Hmm...well? What 
else..maybe there is the slight jealousy that we have the RS2...i dunno, 
or maybe it is the fact that car and driver named it [A4] the winner 
against the 328 in a comparison?  I dont get it, i dont hate bimmers at 
all, but as Ferdinand Porsche said himself, they are the mongrels of the 
automotive world.

michael williams
1985 Audi Coupe GT
Named best sports coupe in america by car and driver in 1985