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"The Beast" - Carl Jerritts wild 5ktqRS2

QSHIPQ@aol.com wrote:
>> Met up with Carl and the "Beast" at the track for Sunday's lapping.  For
those of you not familiar with this car, it is probably the finest
of 5ktq tweeks rolling today.  Mods abound, from 3in exhaust, coil over
suspension, Porsche Big Reds with 13in Nascar rotors, massive IC, to RS2
turbo, ABT body and suspension mods, to Ideal C's and sub in the trunk,
audi rings well placed in the cabin.  I truly felt to be the annointed
one to
be trusted with this toy, and was sure that it would earn the respect at
event the 200 did in IMSA back in 88.  And it did.

I have some pictures of the Beast that I took, when out at Stapleton, 
on my website if anyone is interested.
Rick H. Louie