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FW: q-list

Regarding message below:  can someone help our new Q-lister, Tanya Roth?

From: 	Tanya Roth[SMTP:tlroth@FORTLEWIS.EDU]
Sent: 	Wednesday, May 28, 1997 6:39 PM
To: 	gbracken@dimensional.com
Subject: 	q-list

        Was poking around the q-list, hoping to submit a question, actually.
Happened across the archive regarding "Audi haters," and saw you had
responded.  What's up with BMW people talking trash on the q-list?  Really,
who cares?
        Anyway, I am a bit confused (clueless, actually) on how to submit a
question to the list.  I subscribed just tonight, but never saw anything
(that was extremely obvious) that would allow me to make a submission.  Is
it simply the quattro.... email address?  Anyway, since I happened to see
that you had responded on the list, figured you might be able to help me out.
        The question I wish to pose is regarding installing a second stereo
in my 4k, and making them both function!  I don't want to remove the stock
Audi stereo, but I want my Sony with the CD changer (I would install the
Sony deck in the glove box, and put changer in the trunk, of course).  But I
don't really want the stock stereo just sitting in the center console
        Everyone I have proposed this to looks at me like I am trying to
clone dinosaur DNA (actually people probably think that's possible since
they did it in the movies.)  I don't see why it can't be done.  Next, people
tell me that it may be possible, but it's going to be a lot of work.  I
don't care!  That's why we sick-minded Audi owners have Audis - to work on
them, to play with them, to invent projects for the hell of it.  I'm not
concerned about the effort involved, I just want to know it's feasible.  I
think I could sooner convince people that the earth is flat and the sky is
purple than that two separate stereos can power the same set of speakers
(not at the same time, of course).  But, I digress. . . 
        I have done some research, and I think it can be done, but I won't
go into details here, unless you have knowledge in this area.  I thought I
would post my question on the q-list and see if anyone bites, once I figure
out how to post to the list.

Thanx in advance Gary