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RE: Audi V8 Valdez


> > ex-Audi tech to change timing belt and front seal.  Although the front 
> > wasn't leaking we changed it anyway.  It leaked.  We changed it again.  It
> > leaked.  We changed it again.  It leaked.  All of these leaks are withen 
> > hundred miles of  the new factory seals.
> I have a vague memory of a TSB or update to the manual talking about oiling 
> seals before putting them in.  The symptom of not doing it was very early 
> failure.

Also check the sealing surface (the crank snout) for wear grooves from
the seal. If these are present, try to get a fix-it sleeve (like 0.005
in.-thick sleeve, ID same as OD of crank, from a local
bearing/power-transmission place), or just leave the seal 1/16" or 1.5
mm _less_ than seated, if possible. This allows the seal's lips to ride
on a different part of the rotating member.


Somewhat related, my V8 has been to a 4th dealership (not to mention literally 
thousands of $'s later) for that darn oil leak that seems to plague all V8's 
(at least the ones I've talked to about it).  Once again, it wasn't resolved. 
I've had virtually every seal, gasket, rack and pump changed (including the 
TSB about the tranny oil line) and IT STILL LEAKS!!!!  Of course, this is 
right on the exhaust so that while I sit at lights, embarassing clouds of 
smoke billow from underneath the car.  It sure spoils an otherwise wonderful 

Any ideas from the list on what to do?

Mark Hogan
Bethesda, MD
90 V8
94 Safari awd
89 BMW k1