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Re: Euro airbags

MSV96@aol.com wrote:
> In a note dated 5/29/97 Luis Marques writes:
> <<If I had my choice with a new car, I would opt for the smaller
> one.(airbag)>>
> Yup, I'd go one beyond that...given the choice I would want the damm things
> un-hooked! I recall when they first came out Autoweek ran several articles
> about the potential maintenace costs of these things too. The were saying
> that the airbags would require periodic replacement to ensure they would work
> when required. I recall the time period being something like 5-7 years and
> the costs quite high depending on the automaker (with German cars the
> highest-of course.) Anybody here have any information on this? Seems that
> some older quattros are airbag equipped and this "maintenance" may be coming
> due. The scary part is if it is really required, not done, and an accident
> happens...well we all know how insurance companies think. Is there a
> potential liability to disconnecting airbags yourself? I was under the
> impression that you now can to ensure safety for smaller drivers and that
> soon the dealers can too. There seems to be lots of issues surrounding these
> bombs.
> Mike Veglia
> 85 4ksq (no airbags, no abs, no less "safe")

	Just to throw in my two cents...Being an EMT for the last six 
years and after having been to many traffic accidents, both where 
airbags were and were not used, I find that airbags are worth their 
weight in gold.  No matter what the costs of maintaining them.  I have 
personally seen them save many a life.  Grant it we are driving some of 
the safest cars in the world.  I consider myself an excellent driver as 
well, but there is no substitute for the added protection an airbag 
delivers.  Obviously we are all adults living in the free world and if 
you don't want to use your airbag, fine.  I'll be there to pick you up 
with my spatula.

Aaron LaPointe
85 4ksq unfortunately sans airbag