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Re: Euro airbags

In a message dated 97-05-29 22:34:15 EDT, MSV96@aol.com writes:

<< I recall when they first came out Autoweek ran several articles
 about the potential maintenace costs of these things too. The were saying
 that the airbags would require periodic replacement to ensure they would
 when required. I recall the time period being something like 5-7 years and
 the costs quite high depending on the automaker (with German cars the
 highest-of course.) Anybody here have any information on this? Seems that
 some older quattros are airbag equipped and this "maintenance" may be coming
 due.  >>

No kidding, Mike.  If I recall correctly, Audi suggests replacing the airbag
ten years from when car is initially delivered, which should be May '99 for
my V8.  We'll see about that.