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re :idle

> > I am having similar problem with my 1991 90 2.3E, idles OK when cold   
> but
> > the longer I drive the rougher the idle gets very annoying in city
> > driving.
>  When I had similar symptoms, it turned out to be bad
>  injectors.

Well, I went ot get the emissions done today and it failed.
HC to high. traced it out to a cold starting injector that was mechanically 
stuck ON. This would explain the idle being fine when cole and getting rougher,
the warmer it gets. WOuld also explain the horrible gas mileage I was getting.
BTW, the way I tracked this down was I disconnected the secondary fuel pump and
it didn't change the idle much, as too where it used to stall out.
well, now it stalls again if idling and disconnected.
Rich Andrews

BTW, how can I test the injectors?????