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RE: More Power for the 5cyl without turbocharging

Hey Mark!									Thanks for your note. I was slamming the fine Oriental
iron		as an Inside joke. Having just run the 1997 Headwaters Div
Pro          rally in MN. The first three cars were Mitsubishi
Eclipses(or           their derivative. There are a bunch of Audi guys
in Minneapolis         that have as their goal to beat them at their own
game. Yes, I	        do think the 323gtx was a good car. It's problem
was it's         fragility. I was a mechanic for Tom Ottey in 1990 when
he won         the production GT championship with one. We went through
eight         or so transmissions. The internal guts were very whimpy!!
Tom         now has a Huyndai Elantra from Jamaica and it has Mitsu
guts.           This is a proper rally car. All high tech stuff..very
nice.              when it gets a chance to run..Watch out!! Back to
Audi          stuff, Has anyone thought of using the Corado        
supercharger? I would like to stay clear of turbo/super if I         
could. This may be the only for me to get good power though. let        
me know how your things go!! good
luck					                                  Mike
Temple of Speed