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Re: motor mounts for 85 4kq

Wolfman836@aol.com wrote:
>I have an 85 4kq with badly worn (torn) motor mounts. Anyone know of a
>procedure to replace them, where to buy them(aftermarket), an how much 
>they cost?

	I know of the procedure that requires a mechanic and some money because
I didn't want to deal with moving a heavy motor out of and back into
position, if of course, that's what one has to deal with(?).
	I bought mine at a dealer because I HAD TO due to time constraints, but
I don't recommend it. If your in N.E. and don't want to wait for
delivery, then I suggest Autoparts Foreign(800-682-2443 & tell Scott I
sent ya).
	I know the hydraulic one below and in front of the brake master
cylinder is very expensive...$153 through the dealer! A lot less
elsewhere(aftermarket) I'm sure.
	Maybe another can fill in the rest....
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