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Coupe GT owners

I have been working with Sean, another lister, on getting a "Audi Coupe
GT"  windshield decal.  I have also been confiring and checking interest
with Eric Fluhr and Mike Tipton.  

So now I am checking the interest of other Coupe GT owners to see if I
can get enough orders to warrant a production run of decals.  The
wording will be "Audi Coupe GT" and will be in the original Audi logo
lettering.  An example of this is at


The decal will be like the "Audi quattro" windshield decal at the bottom
of the page.  This decal goes on the outside of your windshield.  This
decal will be in white letters, though other colors can be done, like
silver and yellow.  Dark colors are not recommended since they will
probably blend in with the windshield tint.

Please just e-mail me privately or by clicking  on the "email" link.
** God Bless! **
Rick H. Louie
1984 Coupe GT - Zermatt Silver, Chocolate Brown Leatherette, 127K