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** High Priority **

Had a nice little chat with Arun Rao and Dan Simoes last night just
south of San Fran. Airport (SFO).  While I took a little heat for
suggesting a sports bar (i.e. Arun's comments regarding ease of his
discovery...spare a little credit Rao, a saw some pictures of you on
Ti Kan's page, so I knew who to look for...besides, everyone fits in
at a sports bar  ;- >) it was great just to sit down and talk with
fellow listers.
Unfortunately, the Audi Gods would not defer to Steve B's request to
join the group, as he struggled to sacrifice worn speedo parts for
the 5000 God.  Glad to hear your struggle ended in prosperity.
Topics covered:  (1) Why alter Arun's '91200tq original specs...car
pretty much perfect as is!  Wish I could say the same. (2)  How to
swap engines for pennies...Dan's 84->86 swap for his 4kq...Duane
Hale's 2.2l->10v turbo swap...maybe the Syncro deserves a transplant
too? (3)  New A4 Avant v. VW Passat Syn...had to add my thoughts
here, as wife and I will be almost definitely be getting something
mid/late next year...I like the idea of the bigger VW. (4)  1.8tq
reviews...poor Dan refuses to touch, drive, maybe even look at the
new Audis, figures why torture himself if hes happy with what he and
his wife have -2x4kq...Arun thinks 1.8tq sounds too light, maybe just
too _tingy_, of course please refer to his beast above ;-)  (5)  Even
a little education talk thrown in for good measure, re: ESL pros &
All in all, a nice visit except that I forgot to mention one small
thing to Dan in person...By the way Dan, Thank You for you help in
running this great forum.
Until next time, 
Derek aka SquirleyD
86 VW Qtm Syn