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RE: Replacing clutch master cylinder on 4000Q

Christopher Bender might have written:

> This guy mentions his problem is that the clutch pedal gets stuck half way down.  Well, I had what I believe > to be the same problem, and it has nothing to do with the master cyl.

I second that.  I found this out after buying a rebuild kit and
rebuilding my M/C on my '85 C-GT.  Shoulda looked at the pedal first. 
It's OK, though, since the M/C has new guts now.  Car's gone anyway...

> What happened with mine is that the hole for the clevis pin in the pedal wore to an egg shape, so that the 
> "push back" from the master cylinder never got the spring to go over center, so the spring was 
> trying to hold the pedal down, and never got to the point where it helps to lift it up.  If I stuck my foot > under it and pulled up, that would make it "pop" over center, but obviously I didn't want to do that.

I second that too, kinda.  As a matter of fact, I was so used to popping
the clutch pedal back up with my left foot (I was concerned with
possible drag on the clutch), that when I drove other sticks, I would
automatically try to pop the clutch pedal up after shifting.  Took me a
while to stop doing that.  Oh, the relief when it was fixed!
> So the fix is, take the pedal out, weld up the egg shaped hole for the clevis pin, and then redrill it to 
> the proper size.  You probably won't need a new pin and clevis, because they are apparently of a 
> harder material, and they don't wear like the hole in the pedal did.

I didn't do that.  On mine, it was the clevis itself, so even that is
not hard enough.  I bought a new clevis from the dealer.  It was either
$7 or $14 bucks.  I thought it was reasonable, being a factory part from
an Audi dealer, so I bought it.  I left the pedal in, too.  If worn too
far, however, it will wear the pedal itself.

> So, this is my experience.  Maybe this is, or maybe it isn't this guy's problem, but maybe this will be of 
> help to someone.

It oughta help someone.  I just noticed that I wasn't alone when this
happened to me, and was compelled to post.  Mi Hermanos!!


Ken	(Maybe this Sunday I pick up my q!  Allan:  you may as well just
rebuild the damn thing AND replace 	all the seals, since it's takin' so
freakin' long! (-:  )
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