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200q Boost problem solved.

Hi folks,
   My boost problem appears "fixed." I was experiencing a low boost condition
in my 89 200q. When winded out a mettalic whine would present itself at the
upper rpm range, especially upon clutch application. 
   It turned out to be a ruptured upper "michelin man" IC hose. I'm ordering a
Sampco replacement from TAP. Ivor and Anita are at the glen right now, so i
won't be able to order until Wednesday. In the meanwhile, I've fixed up my
ruptured hose a bit and full boost has been restored. 
   Since the rupture was fairly small, I have been able to continue driving the
car. Today, I pulled the hose and cleaned it off. Then, I applied a healthy
dose of silicon-gasket sealant to the outside.. filling the grooves in the
hose, then wrapped the hose in several layers of duct-tape. Upon
reinstallation, boost was restored. My Q, having reverted to kitten state for
about a week, is now back at full lion-glory. ;)
   My only concern is that the small amount of sealant exposed on the inside
(through the crack) may disolve or come lose and gum up the works. I hope the
chance of this is very small though. 
   As a note, the inside of the IC hose didn't have any metal shards or shaving
in it, only a light coat of greasy/oily stuff. I'd like to thank the ever
resourceful Bob Myers and Dave head for pointing me in the right direction. 

                               -Osman Parvez
                                89 200q (160K miles)
                                Siena College
                                Albany NY

P.S. I'm fairly certain the hose gave up the ship on my trip home last week.
For a quick thrill, I thought I'd try to tail a newer 911t up a straight-stretch
of I-88. Boost was fine until I hit the triple digit mark and that is when I
felt something amiss.