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Re: Japanese bashing

I agree 99% with Al Powell's post. There is one minor correction though:
Chevy Luv
was also made by Japanese if I remember correctly it was Isuzu, I could
be wrong
but Al' is right on target with his post.

Without the Japanese method of on-time delivery, 36 month new model cycle
changes, and an almost fanatical insistence on quality control back in
the eighties,
American and German car makers would still have continued their own ways
treating us, their consumers. Look at how Lexus forced Mercedes to change
they should price their products here in the United States. In short,
they forced
the other car makers to include the consumers in the equation.

Granted we're talking performance here, but I still salivate at the
thought of driving
a Sylvia twin-turbo AWD just to see and feel what kind of input the
have added in AWD. Competition is progress unless of course if your idea
competition is total xenophobic view of the other competitors.

Just my humble opinion.

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