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4kq "hot" oil temp

>If the LED's not red, is it safe to assume it's OK? Has anyone seen
>temps like this, or higher, while driving (like 85 MPH in 80 dF temps,
>no AC--YET)?

i always thought the gli (vw 8v) was considered a hot running engine
and mine rarely exceeds an indicated 240 dF.
maybe it's a case of where it's measured.
speaking of which, i think your odometer is in fact off by a varying amount
depending on geographic location.  i understand your confusion, but it
has nothing to do with time zones.  it is caused by the reduced
circumference of the earth at northern latitudes.  you wouldn't notice
it going from nh to ca because the change is gradual, but if you shot
straight up the coast i'm sure you would see it.

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