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Re: Keys

>About 3 months ago I lost that cool Audi key that has the light built into
>it. I know this is dumb, but can you buy a replacement one from anywhere? I
>am figuring there must be some way to order an un-cut key from somewhere, and
>have it cut once I buy it. Thanks for any info.
>'92 100S
You might want to try the local wrecking yard for a key that have been left
in the ignition or trunk lock cylinder.  If you come across a similar
style/profile key, compare the two by holding them together and see if the
silhouette of your key is completely overlapped by the other.  If this is
so, you can have the used key re-cut to your original key.  I don't know how
much the dealer cost for a key blank is, but they are available since I have
seen them at the Audi/VW parts counter.  Look around the wreckers since
dealer price is outrageous for the lighted keys (Passat style = $60CAD, GTI
16V stlye = $110CAD!).

Derek Iamsakun