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BMW isn't our foe, it's Lexus

Let's face it, BMW is a damn good car company, if I had the $, a M3 would be
right next to my Coupe Q in my garage!  They are all good sports sedans
(except the awful looking 318ti and Z3.)  Of course many BMW owners are of
shallow yuppie character (for example our recent Audi haters) , but the cars
are still nice.  BTW, I was called a yuppie the other day at work, and found
myself arguing that I was in no way a yuppie, and to never use that term
around me again.  I had no idea I was so sensitive!

Lexus is therefore our enemy, they are the makers of boring cars that have no
sporting character what so ever.  Even more so, Cadillac is the most opposite
of Audi as you can get, I can't believe how their cars just get uglier and
uglier every year!

I'm done rambling for now......
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